The Ritual of Gratitude
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The Ritual of Gratitude
Choose to cultivate more gratitude with this new collection of soulful products especially designed to nurture your wellbeing.

An attitude of gratitude sparks an inner strength that makes you feel confident, positive, and full of appreciation. Enriched with the musky yet fresh and zesty scent combination of patchouli and mandarin, this new range of soulful products inspires you to reflect and count your blessings.



Patchouli is considered a very important ingredient in many love potions in India. This is not really surprising when you consider the sultry tones of musk and earth that conjure up something deeply sensual.


The zesty, fresh fragrance of Mandarin has an irresistibly uplifting effect on your mood. In China, the Mandarin is considered a symbol of prosperity and good luck, partly because of its intense golden orange colour.

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